Quick Update

I’ve been thinking about the site a lot, and just thought I’d catch everybody up on what’s going on. I’ve finally gotten my computer somewhat fixed, although a new one is going to be a purchase in the very near future. I started a full-time job, which has drained me completely of free time and energy, especially since it’s a copywriting job. Let me tell you, writing all day and then coming home to write at night is a bit tiresome.

I’m planning on starting things up again at the pace of 2-3 reviews a week, and seeing how it goes from there. Sure, it’ll take me forever to finish the entire Star Trek library, but I guess that’s the trade-off for mental stability.

Also, thanks to the recent Netflix deal that will make Star Trek episodes available for streaming, I’ll be able to watch episodes on my TV and not have to do the weird two computer setup that I’ve been using. Yay!

Thanks for the support and see you soon,

Captain Painway

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