Thanks to developments in my personal life (remember, I started this blog when I was unemployed, and then became “super employed”), and the fact that I can now watch Star Trek on Netflix, the Star Trek Challenge website will be back up and running very shortly.

I know that I made a similar announcement back in March, but a steady stream of promotions and additional work made it impossible to start writing again. Add to that my prior writing and podcasting obligations to Panels on Pages, and I very nearly shut the site down. However, my love for Trek and for sharing that love with other fans has kept my mind on resurrecting this blog for some time.

The challenge now will be not to watch and review one episode of Star Trek per day, because that very nearly broke my spirit, but instead to eventually finish every episode of Star Trek even if it takes me 5, 10, or 20 years. I’m planning on at least one review per week, and possibly other small news posts here and there.

In other news, I get to meet Leonard Nimoy in slightly over two weeks! I’m going to my first real Star Trek convention in Chicago, and the story behind the trip is pretty amazing. Look forward to that story soon!

Live long and prosper,

Captain Painway

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