I started watching Star Trek: Voyager when I was in high school, and I got hooked. (Don’t judge, I still love Voyager. 😛 ) Since then, I’ve watched all of Voyager, most of The Next Generation, some Original Series, and a little bit of Deep Space Nine and Enterprise. I’ve seen all of the movies. Oh, but I’ve never seen any of The Animated Series.

For some time I’ve talked about watching every episode of Star Trek in existence. Everything I’ve watched has been what I’ve caught here and there on syndicated TV, and I can only imagine what it would be like to watch them all in order.

So, I’ve decided that beginning January 1, 2011, I’m going to attempt to watch and review one episode of Star Trek a day in the order in which they were released. With 726 episodes having been produced in 30 seasons (according to Wikipedia) and 11 movies, it should take me two years and one week to finish, beginning with The Original Series and ending with Star Trek (the 2009 movie).

Every day there will be a new review of that day’s episode, and every week (or so) I’ll be making a short video recap of what I watched that week.

Yeah… The every day reviews will never happen again. Sorry! The best I can do now is to say that I will post frequently now. Maybe not a review, but I’ll at least find some little nibblets of Star Trek fandom to post about every few days. Reviews will come at a rate of about 1-2 per week.


I played roller derby under the name Captain Painway, #7 of 9. Currently on hiatus due to work.

I was May 2010 Fangirl of the Month for Panels On Pages.

I am now a PoP!-Star contributing writer at Panels On Pages.

I host a podcast called The PrincessCast that is live every Sunday at 9 PM EST at chat.panelsonpages.com and is released every Tuesday on panelsonpages.com and iTunes. We talk comics, TV, movies, video games, and nerd news all from a geek ladies’ perspective.

I’ve very recently started another WordPress.com hosted blog called Geeked Life. It’s my observations and rants about fandom, from George Lucas messing up Star Wars to What Not To Wear calling nerds “frumpy”. I wanted a blog that was targeted more towards geekdom in general, but less news-centric than Panels on Pages.


2 Responses to About

  1. houkiboshi919 says:

    Hey there.

    I’m actually doing the same thing over at http://trekmarathon.wordpress.com/
    Our schedule may differ a bit (I only counted 716 episodes plus the movies), but in any case: may you watch long and prosper!

    As for TOS, I’m watching the original versions. Although admittedly some of the newly added stuff is quite subtle and does look nice, I find it rather disrespectful to feel the need to “improve” upon the original work. Some of the nostalgia is bound to be lost when you completely do away with the Enterprise model.

    (please delete that last comment)

    • Steve says:

      I’m really torn between the two versions… I feel the same way about doing away with the original work that they all did, however they really fall apart on an HD screen. If the new effects make it viable for the HD market then it’s fine by me.

      I am really glad that the Blu Ray sets include both versions.

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