Star Trek TOS – Episode 12 – The Menagerie, Part II [Remastered]

With every virus scan I run, more are popping up. What a pain in the butt.

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Captain Pike finds out how the penguins at the zoo feel. Captain Kirk gets a history lesson. Spock gets logical.

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Spock, Kirk, and Commodore Mendez sit down for part 2 of movie time.

The Talosians start talking to Pike with their big brains. Ooh. Telepathy. Fancy.

It soon becomes apparent that Captain Pike is an animal in a zoo to them. He’s not too terribly happy about that. I can’t blame him. The Talosians are pretty annoying.

As everyone else is trying to figure out how to get Pike back, the aliens decide to play out some scenarios with him to see how he reacts. He sees himself back on Rigel VII, the place of his last battle. The girl who appears to him is an altered Vina. Pike and Vina are attacked by a crazy alien guy:

Pike manages to kill the guy, and the illusion is stopped. Vina appears back in the cell with Pike… and the movie stops. Spock explains that the Talosians want Pike to be well-rested and healthy when he returns, so they’ll have to wait until later.

The crew tries zapping the entrance to the cave while wearing some incredibly stylish ski goggles.

Vina explains that the Talosians use their powers to amuse themselves, that they have a whole collection of specimens to play with, and that she is also human. They had Vina, who was the sole survivor of the crash, and they wanted a man for her.

The Talosian’s an asshole. I don’t blame Pike for wanting to kick its butt.

Now, Pike and Vina are having a picnic. Vina tells him that she loves him. The Talosians, watching them on a screen, change the scenario. They make Vina a dancing Orion slave girl. Yay for the green chicks! Pike runs off, and Vina follows him.

Up on the Enterprise, a team is ready to beam down to the planet’s surface, however, out of the six people on the transofmer platform, only the two women dematerialize. They end up in the cave. Vina gets a bit bitchy at their presence. She wants him Pike all to herself. Number One has something to say about that:

NUMBER ONE: Well, shall we do some time computation? There was a Vina listed on that expedition as an adult crewman. Now, adding eighteen years to your age then….

Translation: You aren’t nearly as young and beautiful as you appear to be. You old!!!

As they sleep, one of the Talosians goes to get their phasers. Pike grabs him and threatens to kill him unless he stops the illusions. They can now see that the phasers work, and that they blasted their way out of the cage.

And then the video quits unexpectedly. The Captains and Commodore find Spock guilty. They begin to orbit Talos IV, and the video resumes.

Pike and the three women go to the planet’s surface with the Talosian. He claims that they want them all to live as their slaves on the planet’s surface. But then two more Talosians show up:

KEEPER: We had not believed this possible. The customs and history of your race show a unique hatred of captivity. Even when it’s pleasant and benevolent, you prefer death. This makes you too violent and dangerous a species for our needs.
VINA: He means that they can’t use you. You’re free to go back to the ship.
PIKE: And that’s it. No apologies. You captured one of us, threatened all of us.
TALOSIAN: Your unsuitability has condemned the Talosian race to eventual death. Is this not sufficient?
KEEPER: No other specimen has shown your adaptability. You were our last hope.

The women beam back to the ship, and Vina drops the illusion. She was horribly disfigured in the accident, and truly wishes to stay behind where she can be healthy and beautiful. U-G-L-Y, you ain’t got no alibi! That’s why Spock wants to send Pike there now. He can live happy and healthy in the Talosian’s care.

She's make Mudd's women feel so much better about themselves.

Kirk turns to the Commodore, and he disappears. The Talosian appears on the screen:

KEEPER: What you now seem to hear, Captain Kirk, are my thought transmissions. The Commodore was never aboard your vessel. His presence there and in the shuttlecraft was an illusion. Mister Spock had related to us your strength of will. It was thought the fiction of a court-martial would divert you from too soon regaining control of your vessel. Captain Pike is welcome to spend the rest of his life with us, unfettered by his physical body. The decision is yours and his.

As serious as this episode has been, Kirk has to get one little jab in at Spock’s expense:

KIRK: Mr. Spock, when you’re finished, please come back and see me. I want to talk to you. This regrettable tendency you’ve been showing lately towards flagrant emotionalism…
SPOCK: I see no reason to insult me, sir. I believe I’ve been completely logical about the whole affair.

Hee hee. Spock is right. He really has been acting logically this whole time. (I can’t wait to see him lose his logical ways later in Amok Time. So far to go…)


Spock is always right. Don’t doubt it. Just go with it.


I’m going to rate this one Commander.  3 out of 4 pips. I happen to like the second part of the episode just a bit more than the first. I think it’s the Orion slave girl. 😉

TOMORROW ON THE STAR TREK CHALLENGE: The Conscience of the King. An episode I know absolutely nothing about. To boldly go…

Captain Painway


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