Star Trek TOS – Episode 6 – Mudd’s Women [Remastered]

This episode was totally counterproductive to me getting anything done, mostly because afterwards I felt the need to do my hair and makeup all pretty. If you’re a female, this episode doesn’t exactly do wonders for your self-esteem.

Regardless, playing with makeup is fun every so often:

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Harry Mudd has beautiful ladies for sale. The Enterprise is broken. Naturally, women are standard currency for engine parts, yes?

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The Enterprise is pursuing an unknown ship. The ship keeps evading them, finally ending up in an asteroid field. Finally, the ship’s engines give out. Obviously, they’re not in pursuit of the Millenium Falcon. Captain Kirk orders them to cover the ship with their deflector shield to avoid it being destroyed, even though their engines begin overheating.

The bridge begins losing power intermittently. Kirk orders all hair dryers, TV sets, and window air conditioners be unplugged. Also, why is Uhura wearing a gold dress? Isn’t she supposed to be wearing red? This was the fourth episode produced, so they probably didn’t know what to do with her yet.

Down in the transporter room, they’re trying to beam aboard the people on the ship before it’s destroyed. They finally beam aboard a man in a fabulously poofy-sleeved shirt, ugly-as-hell hat, dangly earring, and Jaime Hyneman moustache. In fact, it could very well be the Mythbusters star with a goofy accent… you know… if this wasn’t filmed in the 1960s.

Eerily similar…

He gives his name as “Captain Leo Walsh”. His ship is destroyed before the rest of the crew is beamed onto the Enterprise, but Scotty has them. Three beautiful women, Eve McHuron, Ruth Bonaventure, and Magda Kovacs, are beamed aboard. Scotty and McCoy are transfixed by their beauty. Spock, not so much. “Captain Walsh” seems as flamboyant as can be.

Kirk orders them to his cabin. “Captain Walsh” and the women leave with Spock. Scotty and McCoy watch the women leave. They look like starving men at an all-you-can-eat buffet. As they walk through the halls, all of the make crewmembers (and they’re all male, conveniently) stop and stare. “Captain Walsh” realizes that, because Spock is half “Vulcanian”, he isn’t put under the women’s spell. Just wait, “Walsh”, you haven’t met Sulu yet…

They get to Kirk’s quarters and after a quick moment of of Kirk being dumbfounded, we find out that the women aren’t part of the crew. They’re the cargo. As they’re sent off to be questioned, Scotty reveals to Kirk and Spock that they have one lithium crystal left, but they’re close enough to a mining colony to get some more.

Captain’s log, Stardate 1329.2. On board the U.S.S. Enterprise, a ship’s hearing is being convened against the transport vessel’s captain. I’m becoming concerned about the almost-hypnotic effect produced by the women.

“Captain Walsh” is questioned. The computer detects one lie after another, starting with his name:

SPOCK: State your name for the record.
MUDD: Leo Francis Walsh.
COMPUTER: Incorrect.
SPOCK: Your correct name.
MUDD: Gentlemen, surely you’re not going to take the word of a soulless mechanical device over that of a real flesh and blood man.
SPOCK: State your correct name for the record.
MUDD: Harry Mudd.
COMPUTER: Incorrect.
MUDD: Harcourt Fenton Mudd.

It turns out that Mudd was taking the women to be wives to settlers on the outskirts of known space. They’re all from desolate places and are searching for husbands. Mudd is sentenced to be turned over to the cops as soon as possible, but the women are worried about what will happen to them. Hearing that they are going to a lithium mine, Mudd realizes that he can sell the women for even more than he could before. And for some reason, the women are happy about this.

I still don’t understand what good being wealthy would be if you were stranded in the middle of nowhere. If you have money, but no place to spend it, then what’s the use of money? That’s right, I’m using logic.

Ruth goes to sickbay, where she tries to get information out of McCoy. As she walks past a panel it starts beeping. McCoy can’t figure out why the panel would be doing that, but he doesn’t pay too much attention because he’s thinking with… well… you know. At the same time, Kirk walks into his quarters to see Eve lying on his bed. She begins to seduce him… but then suddenly changes her mind. Tease!

The women report back to Mudd, telling him the details that they’ve acquired about the miners. As they begin to orbit Rigel XII, he takes a stolen communicator and contacts the miners below. After doing this, the women begin to change. They become OH SO UGLY! NOT! Really, all they did is take off their makeup, mess up their hair, put a few lines on their faces, and change the lighting. But now they’re obviously hideous. The brunette, Ruth, gets the worst of it:

Mudd gives them pills to make them beautiful again. Eve is angry, and feels like she’s cheating the men.

When Kirk contacts the miners, they insist on trading the lithium crystals for the women. At first, Kirk says no deal, but then gives in as the situation on the ship gets desperate. But the miners are too busy with their women to even bother getting him the crystals. Eve, unhappy with the thought of cheating the men and losing Kirk, who she’s fallen for, is ignored by the miners. So she throws a temper tantrum and runs out into a magnetic storm. Kirk searches outside, but eventually has to give up, beam back to the ship, and start scanning from there.

Childress (one of the miners) finds Eve outside and brings her back to his place. After waking up, she puts on one of his shirts and does some cooking for him. He’s a grade-A asshole, just ripping on her for touching his things and cooking his food.

CHILDRESS: You’re not only plain as an old bucket, you’re not even good company. What the devil happened to your looks, anyway?
EVE: I got tired of you. I slumped.
CHILDRESS: You heard what I said. You’re homely! I’ve got enough in crystals already to buy queens by the gross!

I still can’t imagine how that is ugly. I mean, she could brush her hair and put on some eyeliner, but, I’m sorry to spoil it for this guy, most chicks look like that in the morning. Just sayin’.

Kirk and Mudd show up and reveal that the women were taking illegal Venus drugs to make themselves look better. Eve, to demonstrate takes one of the pills. Suddenly, she’s more attractive, but it turns out that the pills she took were actually fake.

Before and after:

You know, it could be because she brushed her hair, put on a bit of makeup, and has better lighting, but let’s call it “believing in yourself”, shall we?

Childress decides to keep her. Kirk gives her the choice to come with them, but she decides to stay. Why??? This Childress guy obviously has some anger issues and is abusive. I hate this ending. Women are only worth being with if they’re beautiful, and men if they’re rich. Ugh. So superficial.

As Spock puts it:

SPOCK: I’m happy the affair is over. A most annoying emotional episode.

Actually, really, as far as emotions go, I didn’t really feel too much for any of the characters. The women were superficial and vain just so they could marry rich men. The men were jerks. Mudd was at least funny, but I didn’t really cared what happened to him. And Eve falling in love with Kirk wasn’t explored enough to make me feel anything for her. But, regardless of all the things that I didn’t like, I was really entertained by this episode. And overall I liked it. Weird.


We never look that great in the morning… really, we don’t.


This episode was both entertaining and it made me ragey on what the concept of “ugly” is, so I’m giving it the rating of Commander. 3 out of 4 pips.

TOMORROW ON THE STAR TREK CHALLENGE: What Are Little Girls Made Of? I don’t even know what this one’s about. Adventure!

Until tomorrow,

Captain Painway


6 Responses to Star Trek TOS – Episode 6 – Mudd’s Women [Remastered]

  1. Steve says:

    Never really liked this episode…. the end with the “you had the power within you all along” is annoying… I really preferred Mudd in season 2.

    As for “What Are Little Girls Made Of?” that’s a big time favourite for me and a really great episode for Nurse Chapel – I think it’s the only episode where she is the focus – and it’s a great adventure. I hope you enjoy it.

  2. Turns out Harry Mudd also shows up on the Star Trek Animated Series, too! He was also the voice of Cyclonus in the Transformers animated series. IMDB also had this little tidbit of info about him…

    “Was a good friend of “Star Trek” actor George Takei, both of whom kept their homosexuality hidden.”

    Oh My!!! πŸ™‚

  3. Denim says:

    The link used takes me to yesterdays episode, I found this link and it got me to the correct one

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